A religious institution must manage its financial assets and liabilities wisely and with a view toward a distant horizon if it is to thrive. Even if the institution’s governing body includes members with financial experience, it is important to have policies in place to address numerous issues affecting financial management.

Fundraising is not simply about receiving and cashing checks; the manner in which the funds were solicited, the type of contribution and the consequences that flow from the contribution must comply with federal, state and local regulations.  Both religious institutions and donors may suffer the unwanted consequences of bad or insufficient advice.





  • Corporate Finance
  • Mortgages, Refinancing and Asset Leveraging
  • Endowments and Gift Planning
  • Fundraising


Select Matters
Our attorneys have represented clients in the following representative matters:

  • Represented churches in mortgage foreclosure proceedings.
  • Advised house of worship concerning condominium arrangement with commercial developer.
  • Negotiated leases with daycare centers and other tenants of religious property.
  • Obtained permission of the Supreme Court of the State of New York and Attorney General of New York State for independent church’s mortgage refinancing plans.